Conceptual Copy: Open News launch PR division


Unlike most PR agencies, we own several publishing platforms, with a network of independent print, online and social channels in Melbourne.

By cutting out the middleman, we guarantee immediate publicity, at more affordable rates. 

 local. immediate. affordable

Many PR campaigns are speculative and not targeted, often with flimsy results.

We operate print papers and highly localised online channels around Melbourne – we understand the need for businesses to crack the local market first. 

That said, beyond our own papers, our tentacles reach far and wide, with links to mainstream media, including VICE, Good Food, Broadsheet and The Age. 

Our creative talent is sourced from ten years of publishing. With a multi-layered and savvy approach, we’re able to find the sweet spot, stir up interest and create a genuine buzz.

We put together compelling press releases, editorial, social media strategy, cross promotions and visual content.