Creative Concepts


Sonic Branding might be an unfamiliar term. It was to Telstra when they were rebranding in 2012.

I took the opportunity to pitch the concept of sonic branding during their ‘colours’ rebrand.

Leading with their most compelling sonic touch-point, the ringtone, I designed a new mobile device sound preset package that translated Telstra’s ‘colours’ into six ringtones, six message alerts and a startup tone. Each ringtone corresponded with one of the ‘colours’ aesthetics.

Part of the pitch was to describe how 60% of mobile users keep their preset ringtone, stressing its importance as a hardwired brand recognition point.

The sonic brand went to market in 2012 and is still installed on 4 million phones per year. The composition has been touted as ‘the most listened to piece of music in Australia’.