Conceptual Copy

Copy for advertising or other forms of marketing. Able to increase brand awareness and persuade a person or group to take a particular action.

Social Media, Native Content & Branded Microsites

Branded content (also known as branded entertainment), social media marketing content and carefully woven native content.

Creative Concepts

Creating ideas from the ground up.

Banners & AdWords

Highly tailored ad copy for paid advertising. With a strong visual sensibility, the copy is developed around the image and optimised for various platforms.

Video, Production and Scripting

Bringing creative projects to life with a mixture of visual disciplines.

Journalism, Blogging & Long-form Storytelling

Investigative, news, reviews, blogging, columns and feature writing.

Sound, Music & Licensing

Experienced in the creative music space, with a savviness for business development and packaging new concepts.