A new breed of creative, evolved from artistic beginnings to offer a unique spin on commercial projects.

Heavyweight copywriting ability, tonally adapting from starchy business speak to red-hot quirky provocation.

Runs parallel careers, juggling edgy projects such as the Zantidote (with acclaimed artist David Foldvari) and the arthouse tabloid St Kilda News with more mainstream areas.

Being in constant flux between creative and corporate offers the client an otherwise unobtainable perspective. This well-honed ability is best exemplified by Telstra's sonic branding project, which translated their visual rebrand into audio. The assets for this project are still installed on 4 million phones per year.

Brands worked on include: Etihad, New Balance, Virgin and Scotts Menswear.

Featuring in print, online and social under the pseudonym Mantis Kane for VICE, The Age, Good Food, Broadsheet, The Ransom Note, Sabotage Times and Magnetic.